Playing this week

If your anything like me when you find a new artist you like, their songs are on repeat for about a week until lyrics are ingrained in you head for eternity (and your flatmates too).

This week, although not new (actually released July 28th 2017), ‘Nervous System’ by Julia Michaels was new on my radar and as soon as I hit play I knew this was my album of the week.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 08.25.21

The album has 7 tracks:

You’ll probably recognise “Issues”, released in January ’17 it reached no#10 on the Uk Charts and no#11 in New Zealand and was the song that pushed Michaels to becoming an artist after being a behind the scenes hit songwriter for many years.

Michaels has co-written songs such as Justin Beibers “Sorry”, Hailee Steinfeld’s “Love Myself” and Selena Gomez’ “Good For You” – “Issues was the first song Michaels wrote that was so personal that she couldn’t picture anyone else singing it.

The album, I feel, explores all the aspects of a relationship from the good bits (“Uh Huh” & “Pink”) to the bad bits (“Worst In Me” & “Just Do It”).  Nervous System is a great relatable record that I love and has earned a permanent place on my playlist.

You can listen to the full record here.

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